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  • Product Features
    1.Easy to know the balance of loads applied to the left and right sides of the press, and to know improper balance, load center, etc., it facilitates die maintenance and quality control.
    2.As a overload protector, it prevents from the damage of the dies by detecting double hits, mis-feed, change of material thickness etc., and estimates die regrinding intervals.
    3.By knowing the suitable load for products, the selection of the press is facilitated.
    4.The detector can be used to simultaneously set absolute value comparison (set value of upper/lower limits) and comparison with the value of the previous time.
    5.The digital LED display is easy to read, and the bar display shows the left load and the right load in percentage.
    Detecting Method
    The PLA-2N has the function of detecting the press load with a strain gauge. It displays the accurate load during press processing, and output stop signals and stops a press machine immediately when abnormality is detected. Monitoring cannot be ignored when there are eccentric loads for each stroke, and furthermore, load monitoring extends the life of dies, prevents friction and wear of presses, also promotes quality control and rationalization.

    Description of Components

    1.Left Load Display
    2.Left Bar Display
    3.Total Load Display
    4. Right Bar Display
    5.Right Load Display
    6.Waveform Output(Analog Signal Output)
    7.Right Sensitivity Control
    8.Left Sensitivity Control
    9.Power Switch

    10.Display Change Key
    11.Muting Key
    12.Down Key(used to change settings)
    13.Up Key(used to change settings)
    14.Setting Key(used to change various settings)
    15.Reset Key(pressing this key cancels the emergency condition)
    16.Operation Lamp(lighting in red means thata fault signal is being output)
    17.CAL Switch(to be pushed when viewing sensitivity settings)
    18.Timing Lamp

    When the sensors are left as installed on and wires to the press, the tonnage indication is random and has no significance. Therefore, it is necessary to calibrate the amplification factor of the unit so as to indicate the accurate tonnage.

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