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ADDCangshi Hi-teck Park, Wusha Liwu,ChangAn Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong,China

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 DUCIS  Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Business News



   DUCIS company after years of research and development, has developed a variety of advanced level in domestic and foreign products, superior product performance, has been at home and abroad have thousands of users.

     In twenty-first Century, information technology and advanced management thinking, with the rapid development of the Internet, DUCIS of the latest development of the "China National Machinery and equipment net" industry network and mobile phone client emerge as the times require, machinery and equipment for the enterprises to build a fast, stable communication platform in the sea to vary from minute to minute, expand business channels, expand foreign exchanges, establish the mobile Internet image. "The mechanical device information on your side!" China National Machinery and equipment platform warmly welcome business people and friends from all walks of life to carry out a full range of cooperation with us, so that we can better open the domestic and foreign markets, to quickly grasp the mechanical information, providing customers with unlimited wonderful! The splendid future share in "China Machinery Network" platform and mobile phone client. "China Machinery Network" platform and mobile phone client jointly create a subversion of the traditional marketing model, to provide you with a new, high efficiency, low cost promotion platform. "China machinery network," twenty-first Century is your best machinery industry business cooperation platform of choice!

   Agent cooperation strength invites around, to accelerate the pace of development, strategy and keep company with technology development as the core, we change the conventional sales plan, agent cooperation strength invites around, the product promotion as soon as possible to each area, we will be on the application agents were selected, and evaluation of two years the area general agent.

    I wish the happy cooperation!

    Join hotline: 4000255125, to join the e-mail: ducis3@163.com

    Believe DUCIS machinery equipment, believe your choice, has the mechanical equipment, to create a better future!



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ADD:Cangshi Hi-teck Park, Wusha Liwu,ChangAn Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong,China

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