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ADDCangshi Hi-teck Park, Wusha Liwu,ChangAn Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong,China

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The company due to the expansion of development needs, is now Chengzhao following a number of staff, health requirements, well-behaved, hard-working, self-motivated. Have the experience first to hire, salary negotiable. Interested candidates please send your resume to the mailbox: ducis3@163.com, received the interview notice please take all documents related to the Division I interview. Phone:0769-85305424 contact: Miss Chen


Position: Sales Assistant

Requirements: A. Female, college culture; B. Have relevant experience, good image, a neighbor, the office software skilled; C. English six levels.


Position : Assistant Manager

Requirements: A. Female, college culture; B. Have relevant experience, good image, a neighbor, the office software skilled; C. English six levels


Position: Warehouse

Requirements: A. Proficiency in computer operation, more than one year related working experience; B. Will operate the computer warehouse management system software ( learning ); C. People of integrity, honesty and kindness, work actively and carefully.


Position: Sales

Requirements: A. The correct attitude, a positive working attitude; B. Sweet voice, articulate, outgoing and confident, strong language ability and interpersonal communication skills; C. Diligent, hard-working, be willing to challenge high salary, with a strong desire for success; D. With a market analysis and ability to judge, good customer service awareness.


Position: Sales networker

Requirements: A. Female, college culture. B have relevant experience, good image, a neighbor and very skilled with office software


Position: Network design

Requirements: A, Dreamweaver, Flash in Photoshop, Illstrator and other popular webpage software B. Higher aesthetic level, color space, feel good, familiar with web design, have good creative ability and material acquisition capability; C. On the user experience of theory of knowledge and understanding, have a wealth of webpage design and interaction design experience, site work experience is preferred.


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TEL:86-769-85305424-5 86-076985352570 FAX86-769-85305426 E-MAILducis3@163.com

ADD:Cangshi Hi-teck Park, Wusha Liwu,ChangAn Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong,China

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